Locul potrivit

O poezie…fierbinte, foarte deschisa si…care nu e a mea  🙂

Bine, eu nu scriu si nici nu citesc poezii. Eu doar descriu niste stari care cuiva 😉 ( nu prea mai trece pe aici) ii placeau si imi spunea ca ii plac starile mele 🙂 , mie nu 😉 dar efectul lor transpus pe hartia virtuala are efecte nebanuite 😉

Gata cu vorba.

Poezia ( desigur de dragoste, desigur…poate as fi putut scrie ceva similar, desigur…ca pare putin autobiografica 🙂 dar e a altcuiva 🙂 )

Location, Location, Location

I could have kissed you
under cherry blossoms,
pale petals drifting down
like the trees wanted to
pretend they could be

I could have kissed you
in the rain, drenched to
our bones and not even
caring that the skies
opened up above us
and tried to wash us out.

I could have kissed you
in a clearing in the most
secluded woods, with
just the sound of wind
rustling through the leaves
and a few voyeuristic
finches peeping at us.

Instead, I kissed you
in the parking lot of a
Waffle House, just shy
of 2 a.m. in the middle
of a hectic week, with
our waitress grinning
at us from the other
side of the window,
because, honestly,
how could I not?

This poem © Gabriel Gadfly. Published May 11, 2011

Sursa : AICI


si un cantec 😉 …la inspiratie